Global Running Day

Now I like a good holiday. Are there really any bad ones? Christmas, Halloween, National Pizza Day and…you guessed it Global Running Day. June 1st runners all over the world lace up and get in those celebratory miles. I met up with the run group for 5 hot and humid miles. 60 of us, all dressed in our club shirts looking like a dorky white mass with hints of neon day glow yellows and pink ran all over the town after work. Afterwards, in typical runners fashion, we celebrated at a local pub though I refrained from any adult beverages. I am dedicated to running the half on Sunday in tip top shape. I was planning on running hill repeats this morning but when I woke up everything was sore. So today is dedicated to ice, stretching and getting extra electrolytes into my system. I’m going to run an easy 5 tomorrow morning then rest until race day. Am I getting nervous??? Omg….


Insert catchy title here…

I already broke my promise about posting each run but it was a long weekend, I had company in town and well I’m just sorry.

Saturday was ten miles. It was decided because of the plans for later that day that we run in the neighborhood across the street twice. Leaving a cooler at the entrance, the first loop went by faster that I was planning but when my legs go I usually don’t stop them. A GU and a quick gatorade recharge helped start the second loop. Overall it was a good run. I was pretty beat up at the end but I jumped in the pool (yes in my running clothes, don’t judge me it was awesome!).

“Marisa you just ran ten miles, what are you going to do next?” “Go to Disney World!” Another twelve miles of walking the parks and my legs were beyond exhausted. Probably not the smartest thing to do but it was fun, and good marathon training no??

Monday morning was a Memorial Day run with the run club. 93 of us crazy people showed up to get some miles in before bbq’s, beaches and the like. I ran 1.5 miles and walked another 1.5. My legs were not having it. But I think I can say that barring any major incidents this week I think I am ready for Echo on Sunday. I have no finish time in mind, just a finish.

That’s all I have to report, a couple more runs this week, rest days and some healthy eating to get ready for Sunday. Keep you posted….at least that’s what she said.

The hills are alive with the sound of….runners

Did you sing that title? I did when I typed it 😀

Today was hill repeats. Got to get in some good hill work for strong legs and lungs. Plus from what I’ve heard, the NYC Marathon is deceivingly hilly, I mean it starts on the Verazano. That’s a stinkin’ bridge! At least it’s not the London Bridge. I heard it’s falling down. (ok enough with the song puns).  Anyway, I actually enjoy running hills. Not really sure why, my thighs are screaming by the time I reach the top but it’s like a mini accomplishment I guess. Plus running downhill is like heaven! This morning I did 5 repeats and with a warm up and cool down a total of 4 miles and much faster than I have been. All this hard work is finally starting to pay off. I still have a long way to go but it’s exciting to see my speed picking up a bit, no pain and though my distance isn’t where I would like it at this point, it is getting there. Tomorrow is a rest day and Saturday is my last long run before the ECHO Half Marathon June 5th. Think it’s ok to start carb loading now? I’ve got my eye on this cookie I saw….

Back in the saddle….again

Well it’s been three months since my last post which means one of two things, either 1. I was hurt again or 2. I am not very good at blogging. (Hint: it’s the second one) As we near June I realized it’s time to seriously focus. Running NYC is not something I can just get through with my charming wit and a couple fingers crossed.

So here’s what I’ve been up to: 3-4 days of running that include a speed workout, hill repeats, a short faster run and my long run. I also restarted the 30 day ab challenge for some core work which actually works quite well. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do a workout at home. I have also been counting calories to keep myself in check. If I can drop another 7 pounds, running will be a bit smoother, along with my clothing, though counting out my allotted M&M’s can be a bit demoralizing. What’s a girl to do??

Oh and the biggest new of them all….I lost a toenail! My first one. I feel like I finally entered into the exclusive runners club.

Well me and my nine toenails are done for now. Will keep the updates going. Thursday is hill repeats and Saturday is my last long run before the Echo Half Marathon. Hope my toenail comes back before then, then again it’s easier said than run.

Pain in my @#%

Not necessarily my @#%. My leg is still bugging me. I managed to eek out 2 very slow miles yesterday. I feel like I am starting from scratch and that countdown keeps ticking down. Though I am probably not planning properly, I am trying to work through the pain and hope that it heals as I get stronger. Today was some cross training as I rode my bike to the gym for some weights. I feel pretty good now, though my ego and motivation needs a boost. I am signed up for a 10 miler Sunday which I am most likely switching to be a leg in the relay instead. It’s safe to safe I’m totally bummed out. I didn’t expect to be at square one at the stage of the game. Nothing else to do but keep training. Safely of course. Until then…run on my friends.

The 30 Day – DL

Siiiiiiggggghhhhhh. It’s been a little over two weeks since the Daytona Half Marathon I haven’t ran since then. Apparently I pulled a groin muscle. Who knew women could do that?! I thought it was just another ache from the race but it’s a bit more serious. Nothing major, though I am not to run for another two weeks while I take a steroid pack and super strength ibuprofen. I am going to miss a 5 mile race in Jacksonville this weekend along with just keeping up on my training. I’m really bummed but I have to recover properly to make it to NYC. So I shall sit, and wait, and heal and not complain and whine….any more at least. Baseball players do this all the time. Do they feel like this too? Anxious to get back out there? It really is easier said than run….

Move It Danica

13.1 stinkin’ miles. Yesterday I ran the Daytona Beach Half Marathon at the International Speedway, aka Home of Racing, aka Nascar headquarters, aka the most freezingest, longest 13.1 miles I have ever ran. But I did it! (insert toothy smiling emoji here). I had some serious race nerves a couple of days beforehand as I did a mini carb load, tons of stretching and oh yeah threw out my back. I was pretty scared I wasn’t going to even complete the race let alone run the whole thing. It’s been a year and a half since I ran an entire half completely. With serious back pain I was pretty concerned, however I took it super easy the week leading up to it and it loosened up enough to run. It was 45 degrees, windy and starting to drizzle. As the miles ticked by I don’t think I ever warmed up. The first half went by quickly. Miles 1 and 2 were around the Daytona Speedway which was super cool. It was hard not to notice the embankment rising up as you ran by. The next four miles seemed to go by pretty flawlessly. Then came the causeway. Why did I forget about the causeway?? Up I ran as the wind whipped around. I relished in the downhill “recovery” as I surveyed the next mile that marked the turnaround. That came and went as I faced the causeway again. The second time around way of course way more brutal than the first. Many more people chose to walk up which made it more difficult as I weaved in and out trying to get to the top. At the bottom marked 9 miles. 4 more to go. I’m exhausted. By 10 I started to struggle and had to kick in some of that mental toughness. My quads were tight, my back was talking and my left big toe was really starting to hurt. I wish I could explain how I made it to the end. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to stop and walk but I kept telling myself the end is near and remember what you are ultimately training for. And oh yeah….there is beer at the end! I talked myself into trudging along and somehow made myself forget about by toe. By mile 12 I was desperately looking for someone who might be able to pace me in, but people were dropping back fairly quickly. As I kept on I realized that before surgery I didn’t have that drive to push myself. Although I lost a lot of my speed I gained so much more in perseverance and I feel it’s a fair trade. I finally got back to the stadium and the chute was near! I had nothing left to sprint the end but what a feeling to cross the line. As I sit here reminiscing about yesterday, quads so tight you can bounce quarters off them, I am actually looking forward to this next chapter. It’s going to be, well, hell but i’m ready. But it is easier said than run.


Sunday – January 31: Elevensies

My last long run before the Daytona Half Marathon was Sunday morning on my favorite trails in Lake Mary. Fueled by a couple slices of bread and my trusty Snickers I was off. I ran with a friend from the run group and my overachiever boyfriend who hasn’t ran distance since Thanksgiving and yet made it look effortless. (siiiiiiiiigh) I planned on 11-11:30 min/miles. I really slow down for my long runs, however we kept the pace around 10:30. It was tough but still a great run. Good company and a couple of Gu’s kept me going. There is something about running with others that pushes you more than you would on your own, though I was a bit of a wreck the rest of the day. Nothing a day on the couch didn’t fix though.

So I plan on lining up with the 10:30 pace group Sunday morning and see how that goes. I am not going to kill myself but if I can keep up, why not? Though it’s easier said than run….

Monday January 25 – Recovery Run?

Hard to call it a recovery run when I ran faster than I did at the 5k on Saturday. I was planning on a slow steady jog around the neighborhood. I have always had the problem of keeping a steady pace, my legs seem to do their own thing. I wish they would at least tell me beforehand so I can prepare. Oh well, another run in the books. Quads screaming, looking forward to yoga tomorrow and a sorely needed rest day Wednesday. As they say, it’s easier said than run.

Sunday Jan 23 – Long Run

10 miles done, bing, bang, boom! Another blistery cold run. Layered up as best. Maybe too well, I had to shed a layer halfway through. I took it fairly slow, speeding up here and there only because it’s so much easier when it is cold out. I was surprised my legs held out though my ipod didn’t. That last mile was tough with no music which keeps me pumped especially at the end when I need it most. All in all I am very happy with it. Tonight I plan on 3 super easy miles, a bowl of taco soup and a lot of stretching. My legs are beyond tired. Other than that we are on schedule for the Daytona Half Marathon February 7th.