My name is Marisa and I am 35 years old and originally from New Jersey, a stones throw away from NYC. I moved to Central Florida in 2009. I decided to start running shortly after for some therapy after a bad break up. My first 5k finish was 38:49. (No I’m not bragging.) I joined a local running club about a year later in the hopes of becoming more disciplined, work on getting faster and meet some fellow runners along the way. After completing several half marathons I toyed with the idea of doing a full but with no real plan or goal in mind. By chance I threw my name into the lottery for the NYC marathon and got in! Shortly after, I was injured, had to go through two surgeries on my feet and was unable to run this year. I was, however able to secure a spot for 2016. This is my journey to get to the finish line. It’s just 26.2 miles…well that’s easier said than run.