Must have been a real big snack huh? Of course I have an excuse for being absent this entire time but I will get to that and the end. (It is marathon related!)

I left off in the midst of a steamy Brooklyn stretch. How did it get so hot all of a sudden? It’s November for crying out loud! Coming up on mile 8 and my family and some friends from the run club should be on the sidelines somewhere. If I haven’t mentioned they have planned to stalk me all throughout the route. Just up ahead of me is where the two lanes of runners merge into the largest group of sweat and stink I’ve ever seen. Thankfully it’s wasn’t as overcrowded as I would have thought. There is a lot of weaving in and out but it’s not terrible. As we all come together I see my family on the right most side as I run by all the way on the left. Too difficult to get over I get their attention with some quick and frantic flailing and keep on.

I am still running around 10:45/11 min miles and I can’t slow down. By mile 10 we reach Williamsburg and the atmosphere changes a bit and gets calmer, quieter. The dense Orthodox Jewish influence is everywhere yet the spectators have thinned out dramatically. Not believing in the excess of extreme behavior, they typically do not participate in any way to the marathon, though occasionally I got a glimpse of a curious child peeking out to see what thousands of crazy people were doing in their streets.

By this time the weather is starting to change again. It’s not as hot as it was, making running a little easier as I continue on my way through the course. Did I mention the live music?? There are bands scattered throughout the route playing mini pop up concerts as we run by. It was nice to see all the support in so many ways. And let’s not forget all the NYPD and NYFD lined up everywhere to make sure we were all safe as we trekked the 26.2 miles.

As the miles passed by the crowd is getting denser and much louder. We are headed into Queens next. With that stereotypical NY accent they welcome me to their borough as if they have been waiting for me personally. Well hello Queens…“how you doin’?”  I’m about three Gu’s in, gatorade, plenty of water and I’m still at about an 11:15 min/mile pace. Wonder if I can keep this up? Well mile 15 we are headed up the Queensboro Bridge. Longest bridge of my life! It’s here where it all rushed in and hit me just how tired I already was. And cold. It’s stinking cold now. I hit mile 16, still running up the bridge I decide I need a break. I move over to start walking a bit and catch my breath. View not so nice but still pretty cool. On the otherside is First Ave and our first stretch of Manhattan.

Speaking of stretch, I will end this one right here. I promise the ending will be posted soon. Maybe even some current stuff too? Whoa!

The Big Show (Part Two…Finally)