These past two weeks have been super busy however training has not gone off course…well too much. It’s still brutally hot and humid in the center of Florida though it feels nothing short of one of the circles of hell. So to compensate I have been doing quite a bit on running on the treadmill. That awful machine in the gym usually facing a window or tv because they are the most painfully mundane miles ever inventing in the history of running miles. But it’s the only way I’ve been able to stay on track and not lose some focus. I have only been doing short runs at the gym though, long runs will always be on the streets. Last Saturday was supposed to be 20. I was actually looking forward to it, breaking the big 2-0. Sadly only 16 miles were completed. I started too late and by 7:30am the blazing sun was stealing even ounce of energy. One thing I have learned during these longer distances is to know when to quit and sacrifice a goal for a more quality run. Feeling good at the end is a huge part of this. Saturday was a pretty strong 12 miles and I have very happy with that. So I will continue to forge on thanking myself that I started this training with enough time to try 20 again. Tomorrow will be an “easy” 5 then hills on Thursday. Fingers crossed that it won’t be hotter than the sun in the morning then again it is easier said than run.

Dread the Tread