I know I am being dramatic but Saturday I felt like I got knocked out. A combination 3:00am alarm, humid weather and just all around exhaustion took me out. I’m tired, cranky, sweaty, hungry and frustrated all at the same time. So Saturday after 2 miles, 2 measly little miles I threw in the towel for the day. If I’m not running 18 why go further and exhaust myself only to continue a downward spiral? Sometimes you have to sacrifice a fight to win the war, or something like that.

But as defeated as I feel, I purposely set up this training with enough time for setbacks like this. I blew off some steam this weekend and am looking forward to getting back on track. I am planning out my meals carefully and to give myself a break from heat and early morning exhaustion I am running in the gym all week. As much as I dread the tread[mill] I think mentally it will help in the long run, no pun intended….maybe.