I had good intentions to blog almost everyday but once again life gets in the way. It’s been a pretty uneventful week actually. Last week I dialed it down quite a bit to give my body a rest. My runs during the week weren’t more than 3 miles, including hill repeats. It’s been so incredibly hot and humid lately that it’s nearly impossible to get what you set out to do accomplished. It’s a bit demoralizing, but alas I truck on.

This past Saturday was the “Howl at the Moon” 10 miler in Clermont. It is a loop of rolling hills on the clay roads surrounding a blueberry farm. Am I painting a beautiful picture in your mind? Well take that picture, set it in the pitch dark and crank up the temperature 20 more degrees and humidity to 135%. Man was I miserable. I set out on an 11:30 pace, I really didn’t care about time, I wanted it just to be a training run. It didn’t take long, however for the heat to take a toll on me. By the first water stop (they were set up every two miles) I was drenched in sweat. I trudged along but unfortunately I couldn’t keep a steady pace. My allergies were flaring up so bad that my throat closed part way and I couldn’t get enough air to run. That sounds a lot serious than it actually was but it’s the best way I can explain it. I was in no medical danger but I was not able to race properly. So I resorted to intervals and finished 2:06.

So far this week there was an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill Monday along with weights. This morning was another dreadfully humid 4 mile run. That wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. I am praying this heat will break soon. It’s becoming a struggle to keep focused. It wears you down, first physically then mentally. For me running is so much more a mental feat than the actual running part and I am starting to suffer.

Tomorrow is hill repeats and then 18 miles Saturday morning. I’m going to stay hydrated all week in preparation and pray to the weather Gods that maybe they might grace me with a little break in these torturous summer conditions. Anyone know a rain dance?

Summertime Blues

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