So yesterday was my weekly long run. This time 16 miles. The novelty of running my longest runs is over as I am really trying to focus on the some of the finer details of the sport if you will. Sleep, food, temperature, recovery and very importantly remembering to charge your iPod the night before so it doesn’t die by mile 11 well before your run is over and resort to singing the Fraggle Rock theme song over and over to keep your mind busy as you are trying to get to the end. Hey…you do what you need to finish.

Overall this was a tough one. We started late, I didn’t sleep well the night before, it was extremely humid; I really wasn’t into this run from the very beginning. This was a test of mental power from the first step. The run was split into three parts, two legs of 5.5 miles of the same route on the trail going left and the final 5 miles going right. I have been going over this run in my head for the last 24 hours and the most important thing that sticks out is how much metal power it took to run this one. I thought about how far I’ve come, where I am going, and the ultimate thought…the finish line at NYC. I think about that a lot actually. It is the one thought that really motivates me. All this work is for that one moment. So as I struggled, as I continually sweat in my eyes, choked down packets of GU, sang Fraggle Rock, I kept thinking of that finish line. And while my quads are so tight that it hurts to walk, I have a hunger that doesn’t go away and I can’t seem to get any energy back I am another week closer to the line. It really is easier said than run…


Sweet Sixteen

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