I wish the title implied getting stronger, faster, or something else more positive. For the last few weeks the bottoms of my feet have felt like I’ve been walking on hot sand. Just a constant burning that oddly enough feels better while I am running. After Saturday’s long run I took the next three days off and ran this morning. With stretching and easing up slightly on mileage I hope to stave off whatever this is until I see a podiatrist next week. I don’t have time to be injured! Don’t my feet know this by now?

On a more positive note, this morning was a faster than normal 3 miles around the neighborhood with some of my faves from the run club. It’s great how quickly those miles go by when you are in the company of friends. Tonight I am going to try to roll out some of the crunchiness in my feet and hope for the best tomorrow for hill repeats. Because it is easier said than run…

Feeling the Burn

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