It’s not you, it’s me. You have done nothing wrong; I have commitment issues. Give me another chance? I will change I promise!

Well it’s obviously been a while but I have been running the entire time. It’s been hard since the Echo half marathon in June. I took that race a bit too personally and got a little discouraged while fighting a few minor injuries and some good ole fashioned “mental-ness.” But I realized this past weekend that marathon training as actually begun. Maybe I was expecting some fanfare, a momentous beginning that signaled the beginning. Nothing…and there is no turning back now. Runs are getting longer though the heat and humidity is at full Florida force. I’ve been struggling with that mental edge that is needed to actually complete this. That has always been a hurdle for me. Stupid brain! I wish it would stop fighting me at every sweaty step. But it does. I am taking each run with opportunity to learn though. There is no such thing as “just a run” right now. Each one has it’s purpose good or bad, especially the long runs on the weekend. Even if I don’t run the entire mileage goal, I am determined to complete it however necessary to get the miles on my legs. That usually involves walk/run intervals which for the longest time makes me feel like I failed. As if not running an entire length of a race is a not acceptable. I know I know I have a lot to work on. But I’m getting better. Monday I ran 3 miles with negative splits and some weights at the gym. It’s Go Time for the next 15 weeks. I guess I better start reading….because it’s easier said than run.




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