After probably a bit too much pouting following the half, I am back to a routine. I dragged myself to track workout Tuesday afternoon with the plans of running slow and trying to shake off the rest of my bad attitude. The first lap was a pitiful 2:00. I accepted it, chalking it up to tired legs. Second lap 1:50. Hmmmm…..ok. Legs must have woken up. Third lap 1:48. I peaked at 1:45 doing 7 x 400 total. My redemption run. Mentally it gave me the boost to put the half behind me and realize that bad runs happen and as long as I put in the work I’ll be fine. Today was hill repeats. By now, though, I haven’t slept much this week (have I mentioned I have insomnia? Oh yeah…it adds another wrench into the mix). My legs were heavy and it was hot and humid. But I eked out 5. Not the greatest but I’m glad I got out there and pushed regardless of how exhausted I was. I get to rest until Saturday’s long run. Fingers crossed I won’t have another running meltdown. Then again, it’s easier said than run.

Run. Rest. Repeat.
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