It’s Tuesday and I am just now sitting down to write about the Echo Half Marathon. Not because of laziness or even being too busy. It’s because am still beating myself up on my performance and having a hard time letting it go. It’s so frustrating when you train so hard and yet it all falls apart. Even though I finished and it was technically a training run, I mean everything is until NYC, I am still pretty disappointed. It was miserably hot and humid from the moment the gun went off at 6:15am. I fueled with my typical Snickers bar and also some crackers with honey. I didn’t drink enough before I got there and I also made the biggest mistake of not bringing my water bottle, relying on the stations on the course. There were plenty however in those Florida conditions, you cannot just go from water stop to water stop. My body was sluggish and slow. I had no mental drive to push me. I think I started walking even before mile 4. Every step was painful. I caught up with a friend of mine running intervals and decided to stick with her. Run for 60 seconds and walk for 30. At least my legs were moving forward. It wasn’t until mile 9 where there were Pickle Pops. Yup, icy pickle flavored water that actually perked me up (and made me really want a burger). It was then that I learned that I need to start adjusting my hydration. Gatorade and GU is fine, but when you sweat heavily you lose electrolytes like it’s your job. The extra sodium kick was what finally woke me up. So I guess there is a reason for everything and I had to learn a lesson the hard way. And that is that. I’m trying to move past this race and really focus on the training that is about to happen. As I have mentioned before it really is easier said than run…

The silver lining.
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