4:15am. That really is an inhumane hour. Everything is dark. Everything is sleeping. Except for me and about 8 other not so human humans. This morning’s route was a hilly five around the neighboring town. It was hard to get started, still a bit sore from this past weekend however I did some negative split action (where you run a mile faster than your last). By mile four though, everything was light and everything was awake….especially my legs! It was a super strong finish and just felt good to get it all out this morning. This was my last run before the half marathon Sunday. From now until then there will be copious amounts of stretching,  hydrating (with and without electrolytes) and a little carb loading, though not much because bulk season is over! I guess I’m as ready as I will ever be. Stay tuned for race results and until then, this is what went in my belly this morning…


Five on Friday

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