Now I like a good holiday. Are there really any bad ones? Christmas, Halloween, National Pizza Day and…you guessed it Global Running Day. June 1st runners all over the world lace up and get in those celebratory miles. I met up with the run group for 5 hot and humid miles. 60 of us, all dressed in our club shirts looking like a dorky white mass with hints of neon day glow yellows and pink ran all over the town after work. Afterwards, in typical runners fashion, we celebrated at a local pub though I refrained from any adult beverages. I am dedicated to running the half on Sunday in tip top shape. I was planning on running hill repeats this morning but when I woke up everything was sore. So today is dedicated to ice, stretching and getting extra electrolytes into my system. I’m going to run an easy 5 tomorrow morning then rest until race day. Am I getting nervous??? Omg….


Global Running Day
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