I already broke my promise about posting each run but it was a long weekend, I had company in town and well I’m just sorry.

Saturday was ten miles. It was decided because of the plans for later that day that we run in the neighborhood across the street twice. Leaving a cooler at the entrance, the first loop went by faster that I was planning but when my legs go I usually don’t stop them. A GU and a quick gatorade recharge helped start the second loop. Overall it was a good run. I was pretty beat up at the end but I jumped in the pool (yes in my running clothes, don’t judge me it was awesome!).

“Marisa you just ran ten miles, what are you going to do next?” “Go to Disney World!” Another twelve miles of walking the parks and my legs were beyond exhausted. Probably not the smartest thing to do but it was fun, and good marathon training no??

Monday morning was a Memorial Day run with the run club. 93 of us crazy people showed up to get some miles in before bbq’s, beaches and the like. I ran 1.5 miles and walked another 1.5. My legs were not having it. But I think I can say that barring any major incidents this week I think I am ready for Echo on Sunday. I have no finish time in mind, just a finish.

That’s all I have to report, a couple more runs this week, rest days and some healthy eating to get ready for Sunday. Keep you posted….at least that’s what she said.

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