Did you sing that title? I did when I typed it šŸ˜€

Today was hill repeats. Got to get in some good hill work for strong legs and lungs. Plus from what I’ve heard, the NYC Marathon is deceivingly hilly, I mean it starts on the Verazano. That’s a stinkin’ bridge! At least it’s not the London Bridge. I heard it’s falling down. (ok enough with the song puns).Ā  Anyway, I actually enjoy running hills. Not really sure why, my thighs are screaming by the time I reach the top but it’s like a mini accomplishment I guess. Plus running downhill is like heaven!Ā This morning I did 5 repeats and with a warm up and cool down a total of 4 miles and much faster than I have been. All this hard work is finally starting to pay off. I still have a long way to go but it’s exciting to see my speed picking up a bit, no pain and though my distance isn’t where I would like it at this point, it is getting there. Tomorrow is a rest day and Saturday is my last long run before the ECHO Half Marathon June 5th. Think it’s ok to start carb loading now? I’ve got my eye on this cookie I saw….

The hills are alive with the sound of….runners

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