My last long run before the Daytona Half Marathon was Sunday morning on my favorite trails in Lake Mary. Fueled by a couple slices of bread and my trusty Snickers I was off. I ran with a friend from the run group and my overachiever boyfriend who hasn’t ran distance since Thanksgiving and yet made it look effortless. (siiiiiiiiigh) I planned on 11-11:30 min/miles. I really slow down for my long runs, however we kept the pace around 10:30. It was tough but still a great run. Good company and a couple of Gu’s kept me going. There is something about running with others that pushes you more than you would on your own, though I was a bit of a wreck the rest of the day. Nothing a day on the couch didn’t fix though.

So I plan on lining up with the 10:30 pace group Sunday morning and see how that goes. I am not going to kill myself but if I can keep up, why not? Though it’s easier said than run….

Sunday – January 31: Elevensies

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