1491626_10205760704365187_1564330135140492781_nI don’t want to say I’m unlucky. I’ve had a lot of good fortune in my life. I do not, however, win much in games, casinos, tic tac toe and the like. I decided what the heck….let’s press said luck. I “bought” two lotto tickets that day. I won one of them. I’ll give you a hint on which: I am NOT $500,000 richer. This was this past March. A lot can happen in less than a year, a lot did. I had recently finished my best half marathon to date, bringing down my 5k time, placing in my age group and basically just kicking some asphalt. I was getting ready to start training for another half when I started getting pain in my foot that didn’t go away. After many doctors visits (and different doctors) the mystery was solved.

Extra bones in my big toes. Huh? Yup. They needed to be removed if I wanted to IMG_0967continue running the way I want or stop entirely. Stop? Please…I have to run NYC! Fast forward almost five months and two surgeries, here we are. After contacting the race director, I was able to cancel the race and be guaranteed a spot for the marathon in 2016. So here I am, a few days less than a full year to train. Being nervous about the discipline and hard work needed, I decided to put it out in the digital world in hopes of not only staying focused but if I can inspire even just one person the lace up a pair of sneakers and go for a jog I will call this whole thing a success. Keep calm….Run on.

Pressing My Luck

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